Thoughts on Illinois (and the rest of the country)

Yesterday as I was walking back to State Street from the Post Office on Harrison I saw this on the other side of the river.  (Where incidentally part of Divergent was filmed where they built the structures the Abnegation lived in) It appeared to be a tent subdivision. (far to small to be a tent city) I felt sadden that will all the city of Chicago has to offer we have people living in tents in sub-zero temperatures. Yesterday wasn’t as bad as today with our -30 windchill and high of 4 degrees today. How is it that we cannot take care of the people in this beautiful city?

After watching the Governor of Illinois budget plan we as a state will not be taking care of the most vulnerable people in our state. Is our government trying to get people to move out of state to seek the care that should be provided to it’s residents? Illinois is already in the top 10 states people are moving out of.

Why do I bring this up? The country has been screaming for Change and we have yet to receive any. We have been campaigned to death on Change, yet nothing has gotten accomplished. Call me crazy, but there are parts of socialism which actually make sense. Like the part where you take care of your people. Has this been accomplished in any country properly? Well… No. Why can’t we all just live in the Star Trek universe already.  (Rant Over)

What would you do?


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